Our H.I.R.E. concept - the High Impact Recruitment Exercise

Two recruitment experiences. One clear choice.

Hiring a new staff member? You’ve got two options.

Option 1: Write an advert, publish it, wait for respondents to view your ad and apply. Field the inevitable stream of enquiries from candidates and recruiters. Sift through the CVs, covering letters and applications. Compile a shortlist. Contact the candidates you don’t want to see. Contact the candidates you want to interview and arrange interview slots. Gather an interview panel and/or write a list of competency-based questions. Deal with the inevitable no-shows, latecomers and lost candidates. Conduct the interviews. Review your interview notes and make your selection. Make an offer. Respond to a counter-offer. Gain acceptance. Reject the unsuccessful candidates. Provide feedback. Begin the paperwork for on-boarding the selected candidate...

Option 2: Meet 3-5 pre-screened, qualified candidates in a half-day HIRE exercise and employ the one you prefer.

What happens in a HIRE?

HIRE stands for High Impact Recruitment Exercise and it’s exactly that. We take on the administration associated with hiring a new staff member and simply ask you to block out half a day in your diary to meet a selection of comprehensively prepared and pre-screened candidates. Usually we suggest that this takes place at our fully-equipped HIRE suite at our Stafford base, but we can just as easily re-create HIRE using our connections in the hospitality industry in one of numerous locations across the UK. Think of it like speed dating.

A better way to HIRE.

Rather than only talking to candidates who happen to have seen your advert that week, we have access to candidates from a wide range of sources which we have built up over time. With the ability to significantly broaden the available talent pool, we can offer a higher average calibre of candidate than would realistically otherwise be accessible.

As for the candidates you’ll meet, we’ve already checked that they can do the job, that they’re ready to move, and they are interested in working with you. We’ve briefed them on your requirements, expectations, business goals and company culture. We’ve run various profiling exercises and tests. Taken up references. All that’s left for you to do is decide which candidate is the best fit for your business.