Leadership recruitment

Why is leadership recruitment different?

When you’re recruiting for an assessor or a tutor, you’re looking for certain experience, certain qualifications, certain knowledge bases.

If you’re looking for a board member, you might be interested in their connections and partnerships. If you’re looking for a commercial director, it’s likely you’ll want to see evidence of their master plan to make your millions. If you’re looking for an operations manager, you’ll want to make sure their communication style and coaching skills are up to scratch. Leadership recruitment is a very different thing to its transactional equivalent, and obviously, the more responsibility your next recruit will have – the bigger the problem for you if they turn out to be a bad hire.

Our secret sauce.

We believe the knack of good leadership recruitment is in the breadth of available talent, and it’s why we’ve never failed to find the right candidate. When you engage us to help find your next senior manager, your next board member, your next operations, business development, or commercial director – we’re able to give you far more choice, and better quality, than whoever happens to spot your advert that week.

This is because we stay in regular contact with senior contacts in the industry. We’re regularly recruiting for clients at various levels across their businesses, and so when we recruit for you, we’re recruiting across various points in time, not just various publications. We also take talent mapping very seriously- we know who’s ready to move up in their current position, but isn’t able to where they are. We also invite contacts in our networks to recommend others who may be considering a move. And whilst we’re working on assignments from our clients, it’s not unusual for us to connect with candidates who are currently working for their competitors, too.

If you’ve got a role you’d like to discuss with us, get in touch. We’re confident we can help. Alternatively, you might find this case study interesting.