The digitalisation of the recruitment process

Posted Wednesday 14th August 2019 under UK Labour Market

As employers are increasingly looking to save time, money and resources, they are turning to more technological means of interviewing candidates. Here at GPRS Recruitment, we are finding that more and more first interviews are being conducted by telephone or Skype.

Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular, as they give employers the chance to assess a candidate's communication skills and way of presenting themselves without the resources needed for a face to face interview.

Online/telephone interviews also offer benefits to the candidate: rather than spending time and money travelling (often requiring more time to be booked off work), they can have the interview from the comfort of their own home, meaning it can be slotted into their weekly schedule far more easily.

On occasion, a job offer can even be made without the employer ever meeting the candidate in person, such is the drive to make everything as efficient and fast as possible, even recruitment.

There has also been a lot of discussion in the recruitment world recently about initial interview/screening processes becoming automated. Some companies already use a system which involves a question flashing up on the screen then the candidate’s answer being recorded, and the process will only get more computerised, with chatbots potentially replacing the interviewer in the near future.

As the video format is becoming increasingly popular in all areas of recruitment, this is a trend that will only continue to gather pace. There are concerns over the digitalisation of the interview process – it can be alienating to the job-seeker who may be out of touch with modern technology, and it can be argued that it can be hard to truly judge whether someone is the right fit for your company without meeting them in person.

Here at GPRS, we understand that Skype interviews and the like can be daunting, so we offer the opportunity for a test call to make sure that any technology-based worries are dealt with before the big day (see link below).

Candidates also tell us they like to visit the premises of the company. They like to see what the company looks like when they approach, how easy it is to find parking, how easy it is to get there because they are likely to have to visit for standardisation meetings etc. The other thing you can’t determine over the phone or the internet is what the rest of the team is like and candidates like to see what sort of people their potential colleagues are.

As telephone and online interviews become more and more common, it will be interesting to monitor the digitalisation of the recruitment process – check back here for more developments.

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