Top Tips for Hiring Senior People

Posted Friday 5th October 2018 under WBL Sector Info

As business owners see their companies grow, they come to the realisation that they cannot do it all, and in order for their business to prosper and expand, they are going to have to invest in an extra pair of hands to take over some of the responsibilities, or hire expert skills to help them realise their corporate dreams. Many of our clients’ first senior appointment are Lead Assessors to manage a small team, or a Quality Manager to help them work towards a higher Ofsted grading.

This can be a big step for many business owners as they seek to attract not only a person with the skills they need but also someone who shares similar values to you so they fit into the company culture. It can also be a bit frightening to have to fork out a salary that is higher than business owners have previously paid to employees.

Whether it is your first senior hire, or you’ve done it before many times, recruiting executive-level posts can be challenging and risky, but this risk can be minimised by dedicating serious time to a well-planned, thought-through process to help increase your odds of a successful appointment.

Top Tips for Hiring Senior People - download the full article in PDF format below:

Top Tips for Hiring Senior People

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