Mac Christian: Why I Chose an Apprenticeship with GPRS Recruitment

Posted Tuesday 18th July 2017 under Career Advice

What were you doing before you joined GPRS?

Before joining the team in the summer of 2015, I was completing my A-Levels and planning my future in terms of which career path I was going to take, that is when I came across the advert at GPRS Recruitment. At the time I was looking to apply my skills to a growing business and also learn some new ones along the way, so GPRS seemed like the perfect fit.

What attracted you to joining GPRS?

First and foremost the role itself looked interesting and something that I felt would benefit myself moving forward in my career as my first professional role. The role was advertised on their website, social channels and job boards and I found it easy to research the company as they have a great online presence. The reputation and credibility that the company held was impressive and that was proven by the awards and acclaim that it had received over the years. From the outset it was clear that GPRS Recruitment was an ever-growing company that was in a solid position within its industry. From the interview process to the first few weeks, I was made to feel welcome and a part of the team. The prospect of working for a local company with specialist training included was something that really interested me, and the potential for career progression within the role was also a large pull factor.

Why did you want to become an Apprentice?

I wanted to become an Apprentice first and foremost to ‘get my foot in the door’ so to speak and submerge myself into a busy working environment. I also wanted to develop the skills I had learnt throughout my life and also gain new ones along the way by performing various tasks. An apprenticeship also appealed to me as it gave me the opportunity to earn a recognised qualification within the industry I was interested in progressing in.

When you joined GPRS initially, what were your key tasks?

When I first began I was mostly monitoring both of the company’s internal databases, inputting and editing data where necessary. I was also tasked with sending candidate mailers around the UK, informing jobseekers of our live vacancies and broadcasting GPRS Recruitment to new customers on a National scale. Furthermore I was tasked with searching for new, industry specific candidates on UK job boards and further increase our database of specialist candidates.

Now that you’ve completed your Apprenticeship, what additional responsibilities do you have at GPRS?

Since finishing my apprenticeship I was fortunate to be in a position where the ball was in my court so to speak, and I could choose the specific path that I wanted to take within the company, which happened to be Sales & Marketing. I am now given more responsibilities within my role and I feel as though my work has even more of an effect on the success of the company. My role has changed as I now spend more time contacting candidates and resourcing for roles, I am also tasked with writing and posting job descriptions.

What sort of training has GPRS provided you with?

From the outset I was given an overview of the systems that GPRS use along with the functions of what each individual tab and drop down list meant. I was given specialist Job Board training to help when searching for candidates across the UK using ‘Boolean Search’. This has helped me develop my searching skills and find a greater number of specific candidates. GPRS also provided me with the opportunity to complete my Level 2 Qualification in Recruitment Resourcing which helped me significantly when it came to learning about the recruitment industry and its process as a whole.

How do you think the training has benefited you?

The training helped me understand the different systems and databases that the company operate around. It also improved my specialist skills within searching and resourcing. Given the thorough and consistent training that I received it also helped me to feel more comfortable within my role as I was able to adapt myself in a way that I could complete jobs more efficiently. Following my initial training, I was shortlisted for the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ at the 2016 IRP Awards which was another great experience for myself which came as a result of the training and progression I had made at GPRS.
Once a week we have a sales meeting where everyone is included and most weeks we have a training element on various elements of recruitment and this has helped me understand the role of a Recruitment Consultant better.

Why would you recommend anyone to become an apprentice?

Being an apprentice helps you to develop new skills that for me have proven to be invaluable when progressing in my career. Providing you are successful, you will come out of the whole experience with a great qualification and a wealth of experience in your chosen industry, both of which will stand you in good stead for any future career choices you wish to take. You also get paid a wage whilst learning!

Why would you recommend anyone to join GPRS as an Apprentice?

Along with all the above you will be joining a company with a great reputation within the recruitment industry and a solid core which has been running successfully for over 10 years now. There is a strong, wholesome feeling about working at GPRS with a vibrant office full of unique characters who will almost immediately make you feel a part of the team here. The management team also do a great job leading the team and you will be provided with monthly feedback sessions to keep you up to date with the progress that you have been making in your position.

Mac Christian

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