April Blog: Performance Management - The First Three Months

Posted Monday 3rd April 2017 under WBL Sector Info

Where are we in the recruitment process?

We are now on our 7th blog. The blogs so far have covered:

  • Planning to Recruit
  • Creating a Person Specification
  • Inviting candidates for interview
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Conducting a professional interview using a formal interview structure and person specification.
  • Post interview feedback
  • Making & Handling Offers of Employment
  • Onboarding

By this time the candidate has joined your company and has received a sound onboarding, which has increased their engagement into your company by creating a positive first impression of your company.

The next step of the process is to ensure that the candidate meets the pre set criteria for the job. This is known as performance management.

Performance Management - The First Three Months - download the full article in PDF format below:

Blog Author - Helen Wilson Performance Management - The First Three Months Performance Management

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