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Top Tips for Hiring Senior People

Posted Monday 11th June 2018 under WBL Sector Info

As business owners see their companies grow, they come to the realisation that they cannot do it all, and in order for their business to prosper and expand, they are going to have to invest in an extra pair of hands to take over some of the responsibilities, or hire expert skills to help them realise their corporate dreams. Many of our clients’ first senior appointment are Lead Assessors to manage a small team, or a Quality Manager to help them work towards a higher Ofsted grading.

This can be a big step for many business owners as they seek to attract not only a person with the skills they need but also someone who shares similar values to you so they fit into the company culture. It can also be a bit frightening to have to fork out a salary that is higher than business owners have previously paid to employees.

Whether it is your first senior hire, or you’ve done it before many times, recruiting executive-level posts can be challenging and risky, but this risk can be minimised by dedicating serious time to a well-planned, thought-through process to help increase your odds of a successful appointment.

Top Tips for Hiring Senior People - download the full article in PDF format below:

Top Tips for Hiring Senior People

Guest Blog: Five key questions to ask in a job interview

Posted Wednesday 25th April 2018 under Guest Blog

Author: Augusta Henning, PR Manager, CV Library

Five key questions to ask in a job interview

Attending a job interview can be a nerve-wracking experience. In order to perform to the best of your abilities, you need to do as much preparation as possible. And that doesn’t just mean practising common interview questions that employers will ask you. It also requires you to think about the questions that you can ask your interviewer.

Remember, this is your opportunity to find out more about what it will be like to work in the company. Asking questions throughout, or at the end when invited to, shows that you’re well organised and are interested in the role. But, it’s important to ask questions that will make you sound intelligent. After all, asking ‘when can I expect a pay rise?’ will just suggest that you’re not that passionate about the role itself.

Below, we outline five key questions that you should consider asking in a job interview.

1. Is this a new position?

This is a good question, because it can uncover some real gems. If it’s a new position, it suggests that the business is growing and evolving. If it’s not, you can then go on to ask what the previous employee went on to do. It may be that they’ve recently had a promotion, which could mean there is room for progression in the company.
On the other hand, they may have left for a particular reason. If this is the case, the interviewer may be a bit coyer with their answer, especially if they didn’t leave on good terms. But, if you’re good at reading people, this should provide you with some useful insights.

2. What do you like most about working for the company?

Understanding why people enjoy working for the company is key to finding out if you’ll also like working there. When doing your research, you can look at the company’s profile on employee review sites, to gain a bit of an idea of what it’s like company to work in.
However, remember it can vary from department to department. Your interviewer is likely to be someone that’s going to be managing you and that understands the role in more detail. Therefore, they’re going to be able to give you a better insight into the best bits of working there.
It also gets the interviewer to think on their feet. Some employers may find this impressive, as you’ve managed to turn the tables around in the interview.

3. How would you describe the company’s culture?

Aside from your actual job role, you need to ensure that the company itself is the right fit for you. After all, if you’re the laidback type but the company has a high-pressured environment, it may not be the best match. This question is similar to the above, so you can always combine these if it feels appropriate to do so.
You’ll want to gain an understanding of how employees are treated, what the working hours are like, the management style used and so on. Consider what you look for in a company and identify any clear matches.

4. What are the biggest challenges of this job?

Again, this should give you some insights into the potential challenges that the role may bring about. Obviously, the employer is going to put a positive spin on it, to make it sound inviting. However, they should be able to highlight a few points for you to think about.
This is also a great opportunity for you to then show how you’d be able to overcome these challenges. For example, if they were to say ‘sometimes one of our clients can be particularly difficult, so we have to work hard to manage the relationship closely’, you could then highlight your experience in dealing with customers and tell them about a time where you’ve won a client round.

5. What qualities does the company value most in its employees?

This is a great question for figuring out how you’d fit into the company, aside from its culture. For example, perhaps they value innovation and employees who can think outside the box. On the other hand, they may value work-life balance, encouraging everyone to work hard throughout the day so they can then leave at 5.30pm to enjoy their evenings.
Again, make sure you have a clear idea of what you value in the workplace as this will make it easier to see if it’s the right match.

In summary

Over all, it’s best to turn up to an interview with a list of questions to ask your employer. It may be that these are covered throughout the interview, especially if the dialogue is more open. Either way, showing the interviewer that you’ve done your research and are interested in finding out more about the company is a great way to make a positive impression.


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Guest Blog Author: Augusta Henning, PR Manager, CV Library CV Library Career Advice CV Library Recruitment Insight CV Library

How to Hire the Right People in 2018

Posted Tuesday 2nd January 2018 under WBL Sector Info

A bad hire can have serious consequences for an organisation’s success. A mismatch between employer and job seeker creates a cost calculated to be over three times the employee’s salary. Recruitment processes require significant resources and, together with reduced productivity among employees, can result in a significant expense. The success of an organisation, mostly depends on long-term successful recruiting of new employees. Based on recent market research, this article, explores the reasons behind a bad hire, specifically within the Work Based Learning and Training sector and possible solutions and preventative measures that can be taken to minimise the risk of a bad hire and how GPRS Recruitment can help you to get the perfect match for your organisation.

How to Hire the Right People in 2018 - download the full article in PDF format below:

How to Hire the Right People in 2018 Author: Helen Wilson

Launch of our annual Salary and Benefits Survey: TENTH Edition

Posted Friday 8th December 2017 under WBL Sector Info

Now Launched!

For those who missed last week’s announcement GPRS Recruitment are pleased to confirm the long awaited TENTH edition of our Annual Salary and Benefits Survey has now been released!

GPRS celebrated 10 years in business this year. We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in the recruitment of permanent staff for work-based learning and training organisations. Each year, GPRS has conducted extensive research into salaries and benefits within the industry, tracking the results in our Annual Salary and Benefits Survey.

The Salary Survey has become synonymous as an effective tool for HR Managers and Business Owners to benchmark salary and benefits packages, as well as creating an awareness of what their competitors are paying.

Who uses the Salary Survey? Well, any of our clients within work based learning and training, including training providers, colleges, levy payers, awarding bodies, networks, and training provider consortiums.

How does the survey help you?

- Looking for a new career opportunity and want to know what you’re worth?
- Need to recruit staff and need to know what you should be paying to hire the best talent?
- Want to know how the numbers could stack up for your next pay review?
- Like to retain your staff now the market’s on the move again by paying them what they’re worth?
- Just plain nosey!

The survey promises to answer this and more besides. This year we have released a summary of our findings on FE News, (check it out via the link below) and the survey is now available to download via the link below.

Take care, we’ll hope you find this year’s Salary and Benefits Survey an effective and useful tool.

All the best,
GPRS Recruitment

Click here for access to survey... FE News Article: Talent Acquisition is changing The TENTH edition of our Annual Salary and Benefits Survey has now been released!

Our consultant Natasha Wootton has been promoted!

Posted Monday 9th October 2017 under GPRS Updates

We’re delighted to announce that our consultant Natasha Wootton has been promoted to Senior Market Specialist! Natasha, who joined GPRS in 2016 as a Trainee has been reflecting on her time with the company:

“Recruitment has always been a career path I have wanted to move into but I never came across the right opportunity, however when I saw the position arise with GPRS, I thought it would be worthwhile applying (not really thinking I stood a chance in being successful!). The recruitment process was thorough, and to my delight I was offered the job at the end of this process!

Excited and not really knowing what to expect other than there was a lot to learn, I was given an extremely vigorous training and induction by our Sales Director, which fully prepared me for what to expect. My first few weeks was spent getting to know the ins and outs of the Work Based Learning and Training industry (TAQA, PTLLS? Not a clue on what these meant!) but this was a fantastic way to ease me into a sector I had no experience of. Everyone who joins GPRS interviews candidates day in day out for a least a month, which really helps you gain an understanding of the sector.

Following a successful month of resourcing I moved on to build my own desk; I’d never been afraid of cold-calling, coming from an Estate Agency background I was used to being shot down. But luckily enough I picked up my first role which turned into my first placement within two weeks! It would be a fib to say from then on it has been plain sailing, anyone in recruitment knows it has its peaks and troughs, one day on a high, another a low. However I feel I have been extremely lucky with not only the company I’ve managed to start my recruitment career with, but also the colleagues I have started this career with too. They have given me the confidence, support, guidance and much needed friendly competition to keep my head above water!

A few months ago one of my clients was recruiting a senior level role within their company. I was given additional training to enable me to understand the requirements of a senior appointment within a company and also the questions to ask to assess their suitability for the role. I was thrilled when I made my first senior appointment and this gave me the confidence to begin to build my portfolio of clients seeking to fill director and managerial roles and I quickly found out that I had discovered my niche. I thoroughly enjoy recruiting at senior level and have some fantastic clients and candidates with whom I speak regularly.

After a successful 12 months of being with GPRS and being the highest ‘biller’ so far of 2017, my hard work and efforts have paid off and I was rewarded with a senior level position (which I immediately accepted!) along with a nice salary increase which is always a bonus! I genuinely wouldn’t have thought after being in recruitment for a mere 12 months that I would be in a senior position, now passing on my knowledge to new recruits and helping them within their roles. I’m extremely excited to see not just what other career development plans might be in line for the future, but also to see how much GPRS will have grown in 2018.”

Natasha's Profile Well done Natasha!
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